How Thinking Positively Helps with Aging

Your mind is very powerful tool. Research shows that positive thoughts have an effect on almost every area of our lives. The theory is that the more you are grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful for in your future. Thinking positively is equated with drawing even ..Continue Reading

How Drinking Water Helps Your Skin and Body

We have all heard about the benefits of drinking water, and lots of it, for weight loss and good health. However, it is just as essential to your skin to drink water in order to maintain good health – especially during the summer months. One of the biggest benefits of ..Continue Reading

Top Acne Fighting Tips For Teen

Acne affects many people just as they hit their teens. It’s such a common skin condition; acne usually begins in puberty and around 85 per cent of people between the ages of 12 and 24 will experience some form of it. There’s no cure for acne but even serious cases can be ..Continue Reading

A New Face Every Month

It takes around 30 days for your skin cells to go through a full life cycle. Technically, you could say that you get a new face every four weeks – how great does that sound? In the 30 days of your skin cells’ life, you probably put them through a lot. ..Continue Reading

Galvanic Facials – what are they and how do they work?

Galvanic treatments use gentle, safe electrical currents to intensify the effects of professional skincare products and give your skin a thorough cleanse. Don’t be put off by the fact they use electrical currents; galvanic facials are safe and effective and booking a set of treatments can work wonders for your ..Continue Reading

How often do you REALLY need a massage?

We’re often asked about how often people should get a massage, and it’s a really difficult question to answer properly as there are so many different factors involved. If you’ve already got a great massage therapist who knows you and your lifestyle, it’s a great idea to have a chat with her ..Continue Reading