How to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Feeling Great All Summer

Just as you are conscientious about keeping your skin from burning and staying hydrated in the summer months, it is important not to neglect your feet. Your feet take a beating in the summer, between being in shoes all day without much chance to breathe, and going bare foot or ..Continue Reading

Understanding Migraines

So many people suffer from headaches every day, and some are more severe than others. Many have secondary accompanying symptoms, and they can even be indicators for more severe conditions. A migraine is a good example of a headache that is more than “just a headache”. What Is a Migraine ..Continue Reading

Top 5 Mood Boosting Activities You Can Do On Your Sofa

It sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? You rarely hear the words ‘ mood boosting’ and ‘sofa’ together, but after a long hard day, too many of us collapse onto our sofas, exhausted or in a bad mood from whatever stresses our busy day has handed us. If you’re like ..Continue Reading